Maintenance Agreement

To save on utility bills and service calls, we urge you to take a preventive approach to your heating and cooling system. Our “Advantage Agreement” maintenance plan includes scheduled maintenance on the heating and cooling system in your home two times a year. Just like changing the oil in your car, your home’s total comfort system does need a regular maintenance to keep it operating at its peak performance and efficiency.

An advantage agreement will lower the risk of a crisis failure as well save you money on repairs and monthly heating or cooling bills. We will schedule an appointment twice a year to inspect your home’s total comfort system, which includes the furnace, air conditioner heat pump, coil, drains, and thermostat.

What's Included in the Advantage Agreement?

  • Better equipment efficiency
  • Discount on repairs associated with the specific agreement
  • No overtime charge on emergency repairs
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Full 12 month guarantee on workmanship
  • Top priority customer service
  • Longer equipment life
  • Equipment is checked for safety

    Advantage Agreement Procedures

    Heating Season

    • Check and adjust blower wheel
    • Clean and adjust pilot assembly
    • Lubricate motors
    • Check carbon monoxide levels
    • Temperature check
    • Monitor starting procedures
    • Check heat exchanger
    • Clean condensate drains
    • Check burner assembly for signs of wear
    • Check and adjust gas pressure
    • Check and clean induced draft blowers
    • Test safety controls
    • Check air filter

    Cooling Season

    • Check temperature difference
    • Clean evaporator coil – if accessible
    • Check starting procedures
    • Check air filter
    • Test thermostat operation
    • Clean condenser coil
    • Check electric connections
    • Monitor A/C cycles
    • Check for air leakage
    • Check condensate drain flow
    • Check refrigerant pressure
    • Lubricate motor
    • Check for correct air flow

    Heating Season Agreement - $85

    Cooling Season Agreement - $85

    Yearly Agreement - $160

    Heating Agreement with Tankless Water Heater - $205

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